Do you want your book published?

I wrote my first Science Fiction thriller novel, “The Intersection Man,” and self-published it in 2015. I decided to self-publish it since I felt it would take too much time otherwise. Sending out the many submissions to agents and publishers around the world, sounded like a tiresome circus. Nowadays there seem to be more writers than readers out there.

Neither fame nor fortune interested me as much as the simple joy of having a book to my name. To me, writing is its own reward. My journey to my first self-published novel taught me the process. I would like to share this with others like me. So if you have a book hidden away somewhere that you would like to leave as a legacy, you may contact me at the email given below.

And, oh, one more thing. Please look out for the sequel to my novel. It will be published as a single volume titled, “Intersection Man.”


Hari Kumar Nair

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